Handcrafted pieces by a father and son duo.


Custom Woodworking

At Father and Son Shop, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and our communication.  Every piece that leaves our shop is of the highest quality and will stand the test of time.  The trust placed in us to build something both beautiful and functional is not taken lightly.  

Whether it's a question about a delivery date or a detailed quote for a project, we'll get back to you quickly.   We know how valuable your time is, and we know how important clear and efficient communication is.

Running a custom woodshop with just my dad and myself allows us the flexibility to handle a wide variety of jobs.  We'll work with you from start to finish on all aspects of the project including design, materials, and delivery or installation.

Check out what we have in stock or reach out for a custom quote so we can make your vision a reality!


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