When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do was work on a treehouse in the backyard.  We would put one up, then a few months later, knock it down, and build a completely different one.  I was lucky to have scrap wood and any necessary tools around, courtesy of my dad running his own handyman business.    

Over the years, I gained more skills from a few areas - helping my dad when he needed a hand with a job, taking woodshop class in high school, working with a friend and his dad at their construction company.  After college when I began working in NYC, I would pick something to build for our apartment (after careful consultation with my wife) and then use a string of Saturdays over the course of a couple months to finish it.  I would make the trek out to North Jersey and my dad and I would set up shop in the garage for the day.  Gradually, our small apartment began to fill with handcrafted pieces - first a coffee table, then a stump stool, a mirror, a wine rack.

About a year and a half ago, I found myself toying with the idea of seeing what it would be like to sell some items through an Etsy shop.  During each step of the process, from building some reclaimed mirror frames, to creating and tweaking the listings, taking custom order requests, I genuinely enjoyed the unique skills I could leverage to make them happen.  Having spent 6 years in operations, I knew a thing or two about efficiency, communication, processes.  Being able to leverage my professional experience for the business side, and my craftsmanship and attention to detail for the creative side was a winning combination.  It was too much fun to not continue on, so, Father and Son Shop was started!

For me, woodworking has two unique draws:  there’s the amazing transformation that occurs, from rough lumber to smoothly sanded grain, and there’s the satisfaction of marveling at a finished piece, knowing each and every fine detail that went into it. 

My dad and I will keep doing our best to build handcrafted pieces, and we hope you’ll be able to enjoy one soon.